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Soaking up the sun while exploring beautiful beaches is only a day-trip away!

Popular Beaches from the Hunter


Newcastle - approx 1h East of the Hunter Valley


Port Stevens - approx 1h30 North of the Hunter Valley


Central Coast - approx 1h30 South of the Hunter Valley


Enjoy a safe day at the beach

Heading to the coast for a swim? Everyone can enjoy the beach safely by following simple precautions.  The red and yellow flags designate the area patrolled by lifeguards - it is the safest place to swim at the beach.

Remember: if the lifeguards can't see you, they can't save you.

Beach Safety Flags:

Red and Yellow:
Area patrolled by lifeguards
Caution required, potential hazards in the water
Black & White:
Board riding and surfing is not permitted
No swimming, you should not enter the water
Flag images source: Surf Life Saving Australia


Avoid rip currents

Rip currents are hazardous currents of water moving away from the shore. They can be strong enough to carry swimmers beyond the breaking waves and shallow water.

Rips are the leading cause of rescues by lifeguards at beaches. To avoid rip currents, always swim at a patrolled beach, between the red and yellow flags.

 If you are caught in a rip current, stay calm. You should swim parallel to the shore and not directly against the current.


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Marine Life

Australia's oceans are home to remarkable marine wildlife.

While most marine creatures are harmless to humans, some can sting or bite. To minimise marine wildlife encounters, always swim at a patrolled beach, between the red and yellow flags.


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Beach Driving

Driving is allowed on some beaches, but you may need a special beach permit before you do so.

Drivers must keep within a safe distance of other beach users and give way to pedestrians at all times. Beach driving is not permitted through a surf patrolled area, unless authorised by the patrol captain on duty.


Find your nearest patrolled beach

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