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Every season brings something different to the Hunter Valley. No matter when you visit, you'll create special memories of unique and authentic experiences.

Weather in the Hunter Valley

December to February - Summer

Summer is an exciting time in the Hunter Valley, hosting holiday festivities, offering a range of school holidays activities and welcoming major concert headliners. It is the lively time of year we call vintage, when the grapes are harvested, usually between Summer and Autumn. Vintage is the sum of a year’s hard work, with all invested in good weather, exciting quality fruit and a bit of luck for vineyards and new vintages for wineries.

Grape-picking in the Hunter Valley is a fun, social experience shared by those who are game enough to wage against the heat, and wrestle with the vines drenched in perspiration and juice. Once harvested by hand or mechanical harvester, the grapes are taken to the winery where they are crushed and de-stemmed. The resulting juice called “must” which may contain juice, skins and seeds is now ready for fermentation. This will journey its way through to become our finest Hunter Valley Wines.


March to May - Autumn

Autumn in the Hunter Valley is leading us out of a very busy vintage period!  We give the vines a break from the stressful fruit bearing months and their Summer harvest, and we ready ourselves for the winter, when pruning begins. During this time, it is where some of the other vineyard tasks are undertaken, fixing the fence posts or wire or maintenance: we prepare the vineyard to enter winter dormancy.

In Autumn, we see the first frosts, some cooler days and the grapevines show their Autumn splendor. Shades of vibrant red, yellow and orange fill the rows, before the leaves gracefully fall for the Winter months. It is a beautiful time to visit the Hunter Valley, as we have wineries bustling with activity, wine Tanks are full and processes are fully underway.


June to August - Winter

In winter, the vines in the Hunter Valley have a long rest after all the stresses of harvest. The cooler months have arrived and some much needed rains are helping the soils to recover. Early morning frosts join our pruners in the vineyard, wrestling the vines, pruning and tying down.

Winter is a great time to visit the Hunter Valley. The chilly weather gives a good excuse to rug up, and explore all the delights the valley has to offer. Taste charming and elegant wines at many of our cellar doors, and try warming fortified wines such as ports, liqueurs and distillery products. Grab a tasting plate at one of our many excellent restaurants and cafes, or rug up in front of a fire for a romantic getaway in one of our excellent quality accommodation outlets. Winter days bring fresh air and mild temperatures, that can fall as low as 5 degrees Celsius overnight - don't forget to pack your jacket!


September to November - Spring

Spring in the Hunter Valley offers so much in the way of things to see and do, with warmer weather bringing with it the excitement of a new season. A new season to experience glorious gardens, magnificent views, and explore the range of activities the Hunter Valley has to offer. The stage is set for new activities that are sure to delight. Spring also offers the beginning of a renewed concert season, with international acts gracing our Hunter Valley Stages. Wine Festivals, Oktoberfest, market days, Rose Spectacular, Balloon Fiestas, Sculpture and music festivals emerge to entice a range of interests.

Early Spring may afford you the luxury of seeing early bursting varieties such as Chardonnay whilst other grape varieties are yet to wake. Spring will also see well established cover crops growing in between the rows, which play an important role in bringing much needed nutrients to feed the vines for their next season of fruit.